Peter King usurps limits on congressional power

Official photo from Congressman King's website

Official photo from Congressman King's website

Recently Rep. Peter King (Republican, N.Y.) derided the media attention being given to the death and current affairs of Michael Jackson. King posted a youtube video in which he stated that

For the last, I don’t know how long now, this low-life Michael Jackson, his name, his face, his picture, is all over the newspapers, television, radio. That’s all we hear about is Michael Jackson. Let’s knock out this psycho-babble. This guy was a pervert, a child molestor, he was a pedophile, and to be giving this much coverage to him day in and day out, what’s it say about us as a country?”

What a completely irresponsible politician.  Here is a question for you Rep. King:  What does it say about us as a country, (and you as a congressman) that a man can be acquitted of a crime, yet still be presumed guilty by the fools like you who run this country.  You are a disgrace.  Do you even realize that you are usurping the constitutional limits on congressional powers by contradicting the ruling of a Federal court?  You should be censured by your colleagues, and probably would be if any of them cared about the constitution any more than you do.