Practice #2: Forget Measuring!

The Zanders use chapter 2 to convince the readers that we are indeed slaves of the measuring stick. There are always standards that we compare ourselves to. Wether it is GPA in school, money, recognition or awards, or our own personal measuring sticks that only we know about, we constantly try to measure up. The message of our authors? Forget all of that! Imagine the freedom you would have if you weren’t constrained by such obsessions? How much more creative would your thought process be if instead of trying to measure up, you just lived? Just wake up and breath the air in and LIVE. It is a blessed experience, and one which I am fond of having. I choose to rarely ascertain how well I am meeting particular standards in favor of just being/living/whatever you want to call it. There seem to be plenty around me who do the job for me anyway. It’s not that I don’t have goals. I have many of them. I just don’t let them ruin my life, that’s all. I know that if I just live everyday to its fullest and do what I am happiest doing, I will meet all of those goals. I haven’t really failed yet. I’ve made mistakes and have figured out how NOT to accomplish my goals, but I’ve never really failed.

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This outlook is particularly important to those of us in the Christian faith. We all know of, and perhaps are or have been, people for whom the faith is one gigantic measuring rod. They measure themselves everyday, of course finding out that they can never really measure up. One of three things happens to people like this. Some get fed up with it all and fall away. Some realize that if they only would have paid attention a long time ago they would’ve heard or read multiple scriptures indicating that it is impossible for us to measure up, which is why we need Christ (there are none righteous, all have fallen short of the glory of God, etc.). The third group? Well, the word Pharisee comes to mind. I have found it helpful to walk in reliance on the Spirit of God to “light my path,” as the Psalm says, and to help me do the best I can at everything I do. Those of you who know me, which is pretty much anybody who is reading this, know that I am nowhere close to measuring up to God’s standards. But thank God that Christ has given me the freedom to live with my eyes focused on him instead of the measuring rod!

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