Comment on libette: Giving Way to Passion

Vettriano, J. (1992). The Singing Butler II. Retreived from:

Vettriano, J. (1992). The Singing Butler II. Retreived from:

Beyond giving up. I think that may be why we sometimes procrastinate. So we will be forced into the “second way” described by Zander in chapter eight of The Art of Possibility.

My teacher tried to bring that out as often as possible. Passalacqua was a passionate artist. His son is an artist as well. He draws the first way.

I point this out because the younger puts his deceased father’s work on his website as if it is his since they share the same name. But anyone who studied with his father, knows the difference right away. His father worked with passion and emotion and it is strong in his work. It’s what makes the difference between a good artist and a great artist.

Sometimes, actually many times, I struggle to draw or paint with a stifled worldly control, to look like the other guy. My natural way isn’t like that. I would draw in this false controlled way and say to Passalacqua, look, this is hard for me.. he would respond sarcastically, “congratulations”.

He once asked me, “does it have to be painful?” I have often needed coaxing to let what is around me go, but it always delivers a much smarter painting with greater ease, when I do.
Monday, July 27, 2009

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I love this: “Congratulations”. What a great summary. Also this question “does it have to be painful?” Why did he ask you that? Your stories about Passalacqua are facinating to me. It seems that he was truly a master teacher. The 2nd way is, of course, the best way, and I am facinated by those who find a way to live there perpetually. I for one am certainly not like that, but think that I could become that if the stars aligned just right. Sometimes I wonder what it will take to thrust me into that other realm.
Sunday, August 2, 2009 – 01:35 PM


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