Practice #11: Envision

Optimism. (n.d.) Source:

Optimism. (n.d.) Source:

It seems to me after reading this far in “The Art of Possibility” each practice has the same profound message: Be positive, live, dream! I believe that one can truly begin to live once one has mastered the principles laid out in this book. A life lived under the storm clouds of doubt, self-pity, and self-constructed barriers is no life at all, and certainly not one that God wishes us to live. God did not bless us with the gifts we all have so we could all run around and try to figure out how to limit ourselves. Yet it is our fallen nature to do just that. I think the devil loves for us to walk around in a pessimistic fog because it prohibits the very thing that the Zanders are advocating: Living a life full of joy to such an extent that it benefits not only you, but everyone around you. Imagine the possibilities if one in 100 lived this way. Speaking for myself, I impact over 100 students a day. And though impacting them, I impact my students’ parents and perhaps even my students’ future children! And that’s only the students in my life. I still have all of my co-workers, church members, and neighbors. 1 in 100 can make a big difference! Can you be 1?

In general I am an optimistic person. Still, sometimes those self-imposed barriers stand proud and strong. This book is helping me improve slowly by forcing me to confront issues I perhaps wasn’t even aware that I had.

Anywho . . .back to practice #11. As I read though the chapter, my mind kept wanting to apply the principle to my choirs. We can let many things distract from the ultimate business of making beautiful music. ”

“I don’t want to sit by her.”
“I don’t like this music.”
“My head hurts.”
“My boyfriend dumped me”
“My voice is changing.”
“My parents are splitting up.”
“My friend died.”

True. But why are we here? We’re here to make beautiful music. We’re here to let music make a difference in our lives and in the lives of the audience. If we truly believe that our task is a worthwhile one, we can’t let anything stand in the way of it. As long as you have a voice, there is NOTHING that can stop you from accomplishing that!


Zander, R. & Zander, B. (2002). The art of possibility: Transforming professional and personal life. New York: Penguin Books.


2 Responses

  1. Thank you, Abram.

  2. For me it is definitely about doing good with what I’ve been given, that having a gift is about giving it away. I’m glad that you are tapping into that with the book and your experience of this class. Onward and upward, my friend.

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