Practice #10: Be the Board

Chess. (n.d.) Source:

Chess. (n.d.) Source:

Can any of y’all tell me what this is about? I had a hard time getting this chapter. Here’s a mock scenario and maybe you can help me work through this to get it. I get layed of from work (actually I guess that really did happen to me a few years ago). What does being the board look like in that situation?


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  1. Being the board basically means that you move all of the variables in your life into your sphere of influence, for the purpose of eliminating any excuse for not acting on something for change. I mentioned with one session that this one is tough for me having worked most of my teaching career with women, who tend to take too much responsibility for everything in their lives. I think it’s another take on what the Zanders mean by taking things as they are, it is what it is. It’s not meant to relieve someone else of their responsibilities for their own actions, but as the individual the idea is that you are the only one who is in all the scenarios that you are in, so don’t brush off the things off as being outside your area of influence. You’re the one unifying principle in whatever happens in your life. Hope that this helps.

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